Pink and blue stacking ring sets

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Visually enhancing design for fiddly fun. Handmade and unique.

Five stackable rings to enjoy, made by those in recovery from BFRBs to help you do the same.

Free instructions to use them to lower urges and reduce unwanted behavior.

An attractive sign of connection to others with similar conditions.

Let this magical piece of jewellery be a guide to freedom from negative behaviours.

Authenticity and quality guaranteed.

We nurture an ever-changing environment of education in the field of recovery.

Charizma Communities foster growth and promote the possibility and achievability of BFRB freedom for life.

Research is our passion, and we are at the cutting-edge of the field, discovering the latest information and sharing it online.

Whether you're purchasing an item to say that you believe in your child, or booking a coaching session by email, telephone or on
Skype or Facetime, you are guaranteed someone who has recovered from your condition, with an unparalleled level of
understanding and guidance. One coach per person means you don't need to constantly repeat your story or receive
computerised responses.

Our jewellery comes with instructions on how to use it for freedom. Each item is a one off and has been handmade with added willpower by people who are in BFRB recovery.

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