Scarlet Swarovski flower champion bracelet

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Crisp colours in this handmade, one of a kind bracelet help raise your consciousness to the accomplished life you want. You know you are capable of better, and with the instructions we enclose with our recovery based items, you'll be best place to achieve your personal best. Whether this is for you, or a gift of trust for someone special to you, this is a stunning choice, offset with our wildly popular Swarovski crystal flower charm. The soft silicone wrap makes a great fiddle distraction as well as being part of a pretty design.

An absolute one-off, this is going to be snapped up so make sure it is YOUR wrist it rings it's pretty white bell on, to keep your hands away from your face or head. Like all of our products, we add our instructions for freedom from BFRBs. Shake your cutie! Yes you CAN!!!

This pretty bracelet is made from beads in a variety of shapes and sizes, in gorgeous orange and red, and features a white willpower bell.

All of our one of a kind jewellery comes with instructions on how to use them to retrain your mind to be BFRB free, and are made by people who are in recovery.

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